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Artist Statement

The understanding of the chemistry/physics of photography, through my studies, challenges my artistic practice accordingly. Conceptually, I draw ideas from disciplines such as geology, physics, sociology, etc., each time creating a new context with its associated references. My images imply rather than describe.
Through my work, I aim to invite viewers into an introspection.
It is the transformation that mainly concerns me, as an obsessive point of finding and capturing beauty, either by being the photographed object itself (e.g. moldy food, wilting flowers, etc.), or by introducing it in the process of post-producing and/or printing the images.
Within these contexts, I approach the medium of photography with the aim of transcending its limits. I conduct initial experiments through photography with the ultimate aim of creating a methodology, different each time and relevant to each specific project.
The concept of ecological footprint is fundamental to my approaches, considering it my responsibility and my proposal to adopt a similar attitude in terms of artistic work.

Text edited by Nikos Kachrimanis

Member of the Chamber Of Fine Arts Of Greece (EETE)
+ Member of the International Association of Art (IAA)

Ioustini Drakoulakou was born in 1989 in Thessaloniki, Greece
where she currently lives and works as an independent artist.
Her work has been presented in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and it is shortlisted for awards and exhibitions.


2019 Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK
MA in Photography: The Image and Electronic Arts,
Grade: Distinction
Dissertation: “Losing Turquoise” Photography Project,
“I am a proccess” Film, “Visualised thoughts” Animation

2019 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR
MSc in Applied & Environmental Geology,
Specialisation: Mineral Resources - Environment, Grade: Merit
Dissertation: “Mineralogical, mineral chemistry and fasmatoscopic (FTIR) study of the turquoise occurrence in the Vathi area, Kilkis, Macedonia, Greece.” .

2018 Stereosis School of Photography, Thessaloniki, GR
Certificate in Photography (2015 – 2018)
Final Photography Project : “Inertia”

2014 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR
Degree in Geology, Direction: Environmental Geography, Grade: 2:1  Thesis: “Gemstones: characteristics and properties”


05.2022 - present
Member & IG Creative Content Editor L.Loves Art Books,
Lia’s Nalbantidou initiative

Assistant of the Artist - Photographer
Lia Nalbantidou

In September 2020, our collaborative project (Lia Nalbantidou & Ioustini Drakoulakou)
Resilience: as a makeshift herbarium or e.g. how to teach a pine tree received a Project Development Grant from the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Teaching Assistant for Christina Dimitriadis’ courseLiving Environments and Self-awarenessInternational Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, AT
08.2021 Teaching Assistant for Christina Dimitriadis’ course Social Environment and Self-Image, International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg AT

2021 - present
Manager digital content Editor for Venetia Kapernekas’ VenetiaInitiatives New York (remotely)

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